Fattore Futuro

On the occasion of Expo, a new chain of projects sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture was presented to the world.

The initiative is aimed at Italian farmers under 40 years of age who have a project of innovation and sustainability for their company, and offers 20 of them an opportunity to join the McDonald's Italian suppliers for three years.

Candidates will have to be farmers and breeders operating within 7 different branches: bread, salad, potato, fruit, milk

With its 36,000 restaurants in 120 countries around the world, McDonald's serves 70 million people each day. There are not many realities with the same numbers who can talk about the issues that will be on the field and in concrete terms, at the heart of the debate during the six-month of Expo: food and its production chain, as well as distribution and fruition, "said Roberto Masi, Managing Director of McDonald's Italia.

During the meeting, "Fattore Futuro" was presented, a McDonald's project that was born with the goal of accompanying and helping young farmers to develop their businesses. The project received the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

"This project is an opportunity to experience new working relationships with young farmers, focusing on innovation that embodies, giving them stability in the medium term and contributing to generational replacement in a key sector such as the agri-food industry. In this year, Young people 'has been for the Ministry a word of mouth. With Campolibero, our first sector law, we have realized new actions ranging from zero-rate mortgages to land lease payments by under 35, loans Also under the age of 40 we have also thought in the European Semester of the Italian Presidency, voting in Brussels on a three-pronged decision: credit, land and training with an Erasmus for young European farmers. But More needs to be done: today, only 5% of farms in Italy are driven by young people and we have to work to reach the European average by 8%. Therefore, it is necessary to develop specific actions which, besides the institutions, also engage enterprises, as in this case. Younger people mean more innovation, because they are above all those who can bring a crucial contribution to technology, know-how and experimentation in this area. Themes that we will all develop together during Expo Milano 2015, "said Maurizio Martina, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

Among the 20 agricultural entrepreneurs there is also Azienda Agricola Campana Sergio.

"It is a pleasure for me to join this great project followed by important companies such as McDonald, the Agricultural University of Padova and the Ministry of Agriculture. It will certainly be a stimulus and will help me to deepen our knowledge in an industry where we never stop learning and where technology is taking a very important step.

Thanks to this project I will surely grow and follow those expansion ambitions that are in my mind. "In addition to appearing on placemats at restaurants throughout Italy, last April, at an important congress who McDonald organizes in America in Orlando, Sergio was invited on stage to speak about this project with McDonald Italia to all the other 120 McDonald's Present in the world.At this congress were the most important suppliers and licensees of restaurants in every single nation: about 14,000 people.

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