Honey Project

The new project of Tenute Campana is aimed at enhancing the quality of our grapes. To improve pollination during the flowering phase, about 30 hives have been placed around our vines.

The different flowering eras of the different varieties allow the bees to "work" continuously in order to promote the quality of the flowers that are the basis for a good production of wine.


The proximity to the river park of the river Secchia, with its vastness of plants, has also allowed us to produce Acacia honey that, together with that of Millefiori, allow us already in the first year, despite the drought suffered, to be able to count on a good production of honey.


The honey extraction of the frames takes place by centrifugation in a specialized laboratory in the area, working at a temperature below 40 ° C. In the 2018 season, the intention is to increase the number of hives.

The bees are very precious for our environment; in fact they play an important task for the flowering of all the plants; for this reason we decided to pay particular attention to this project aimed primarily at respecting the environment. As long as there will be honey there will be life.

The phrase is attributed to Albert Einstein that "when the bees will disappear to humanity will remain 4 years".


Today more than ever, therefore, honey can truly be considered "nectar of the gods" and elixir of long life and the choice to breed bees becomes for the Campana Estates not only an entrepreneurial choice but also an ethical and environmental mission.

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