Event on the track

Sunday, October 22 at the Autodrome of Modena took place a day of passion and adrenaline.

Precisely for this occasion, the Tenute Campana have rewarded the partnership with the restaurant Exè 1985 which was established with the wine project for the 2017 season.


On board the Lamborghini Huracàn 10-cylinder engine with 620 hp of track power, with which Sergio Campana runs in the European Blancpain Super Trofeo Championship, he had the pleasure and the honor of climbing in the unusual dresses of passenger Francesco, the director of the Exè restaurant 1985 .

Just a few curves were enough to challenge the extreme performance of a racing car capable of exceeding 300 km / h. Sergio Campana, in addition to directing the Tenute company, has a long career in racing: he is Italian F3 champion, he was in the young Ferrari F1 drivers with a test on the F60, he finished 3rd at the AutoGp World Series in the 2013, he raced in F2 on the F1 weekends and currently runs with the Lamborghini Huracàn with whom he finished 4th in the 2015 championship. In all he has taken more than 20 victories and 50 podiums in the most important categories of motorsport preparatory to F1.

"It was a great day," commented Sergio warmly. "It does not often happen to carry a passenger on a car like that, there were also road sports cars on the track and you could see how much better a track car was compared to a car that was powerful but off the road. have organized this beautiful day and I hope to be able to repeat it again next year! "

The warm sensations were expressed with a tone of enthusiasm by Francesco: "it was really a good experience, the braking force of this car is scary.About the curves you expect brakes long before and those moments seem never to end! ! "

In addition to being a day of celebration, thanks to the Italian Paralympic Committee, several handicapped children have had the opportunity to be protagonists for some laps on board these racing cars.

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