Harvest 2017

The 2017 harvest has just ended and with an initial assessment we can say that despite the weather conditions, there are the bases for a good quality year. The Achilles' heel was frost. An adversity that did not show up for several decades; in fact, the frost has negatively affected the flowering causing a drastic loss on the production levels.

Our Chardonnay vineyards have suffered a 90% drop in production. Being the grape that matures first of all, its state advanced at the time of freezing has caused the plant to lose all the flowers it had prepared for this vintage without being able to remedy it in any way. During the summer period of 2017 a drought condition has occurred with few rains and dry climate.

These are conditions that help maintain healthy grapes and reduce the risk of diseases. Moreover, this climate has encouraged the plant to increase the sugar content of all the grapes, a circumstance that is created when the plant has a slightly lower production and concentrates its forces making the grapes more full of degree. The Sorbara grape is the one that has provided the best results in terms of degree compared to previous years. In about a month the grapes will be ready for the new bottled with the curiosity to discover the taste of this full-bodied vintage in the taste of its aromas.

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