Our Wines

The first line of products for our Dei Tenori wines, is composed by three excellences that have made a historic background to our Modena wine culture.

Like the famous Three Tenors, these wines are exported and appreciated all over the world for their genuineness, for their taste of Modena.

The Pignoletto di Modena, the Lambrusco di Modena and the Lambrusco di Sorbara rosé are our excellence created in our Modena area

Our wines follow the Charmat vinification method. The Lambrusco di Modena from a first sensory analysis results in intense red purple, duron scents. The palate is pleasing with a dry finish.

Le nostre bottiglie nel percorso di linea di imbottigliamento
Il rotolo con le etichette pronte per essere attaccate

The Lambrusco di Sorbara has a bright shiny color. Notes of aromatic herbs, which make pleasant citrus fruit earring.

In the mouth fresh and gently cleaned.

The Pignoletto di Modena has a beautiful straw yellow color with greenish reflections and delicate scent. It is fruity, intense with dry, harmonic hawthorn flowers; The taste is dry and quite persistent.

In addition to wines, added value to our products is given by our bees, which in addition to producing an excellent honey help to pollinate the vineyards and all the varieties we sow seasonally.

Lambrusco di Modena
Miele di Acacia
Pignoletto di Modena
Miele Millefiori
Lambrusco di Modena
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