The Vineyards

Our vineyards are located in the context of the natural park of the Secchia River, adjacent to which an expansion lake allows to control the floodplain of the river.

The path of this river that descends directly from the mountain creates a link to many species of animals living in the mountains of Modena.

Near our company, it easily happens to come across suggestive sightings, and be able to admire a family of deers between the rows, or a group of very tiny ducks in a row followed by colorful pheasants!.

From the sky above, small falcons try to find some squirrels hiding among the ancient walnut trees or the branches of the ancient oaks.

The surrounding lakes are an important reserve of clean water and help these wonderful animals live in this little oasis.

The vineyards extend over an area of ​​about 22 ha and are divided into several varieties: the typical and sparkling Lambruschi (Sorbara, Salamino, Oliva) and the scented white (Chardonnay and Pignoletto), which come from our Gdc plants.

Harvested grapes are then processed at the Campogalliano winery, from which we get the best possible preparation, even using the best grapes of other farmers in the same area.

From all this, the quality, the scent and the good and tasty taste of our wine born.

capriolo lepre vigneto
uva lancellotta
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